Road from Inavale

(oil on canvas, 14" x 11")

Cottage Door

(oil on canvas, 11"x14")

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

(watercolor on paper, 11"x15")

Windmills of Mykonos

(oil on canvas, 18"x24")

Waterloo Falls

(oil on canvas, 10"x20")

The Dawn Breaks

(oil on canvas, 16"x20")

Meadow at Finley

(oil on canvas, 11"x14")

Lumos Vineyard

(oil on canvas, 16"x20")

Into the Woods

(oil on canvas, 11"x14")

Clemens Mill Burner

(oil on canvas, 16"x20")

Baldwin Locomotive #5

(oil on canvas, 12"x16")

Studies of the Masters

My drawing of Rembrandt’s Etching “The Windmill – 1641”

(ink on paper, 5"x7")

My drawing of Rembrandt’s Etching “Landscape with three Gabbled Cottage near Pond – 1650”

(ink of paper, 6 1/2"x8")

My painting of Monet’s “San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk – 1912”

(acrylic on canvas, 11"x14")

My painting of Monet’s “Church at Jeufosse, Snowy Weather – 1893”

(oil on canvas, 11"x14")